What is Kennett Land + Trails?

We are a group of community members on a mission to protect the township's natural beauty.

Kennett Land and Trails is an initiative by the Township, including various organizations, that manage Kennett’s sidewalks, trails, and open spaces. KLT is committed to bring awareness and enhance the recreation and conservation of the community’s environmental resources for its residents to enjoy by working with private and non-profit organizations.

Acres of Open Space

Kennett Township currently has approximately 1855 acres of preserved public and private open space which is approximately 18% of the entire acreage in the Township.

Miles of Trails

Kennett Township has approximately 12 miles of multi-use trails including a designated bike path and is working to complete the planned 12-mile loop within the next couple years.

A Healthy Community

Chester County is the healthiest county in Pennsylvania, according to County Health Rankings, taking into account length and quality of life, mental health, and infant health.

Meet The Team!

Kennett Township

Serves to maximize opportunities for social and economic development while retaining an attractive, sustainable and secure environment for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Kennett Trails & Sidewalk Committee

Seeks to provide increased walkability and recreational opportunities through the development of a trail and sidewalk network which links together major open spaces, parks, public facilities, businesses, and neighborhoods in Kennett Township and beyond.

Kennett Township Land Conservation Advisory Committee

Facilitating the preservation of open space for the benefit of all through the assistance of landowners who wish to protect their properties.

Kennett Borough

Seeks to provide a desirable community through service, progress and preservation to our diverse population.

The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County

On a mission to ensure the preservation and stewardship of the area’s open space, natural resources, historic sites, and working agricultural lands.

Kennett Trails Alliance

Seeks to connect the Kennett community to its natural beauty while promoting health, safety, a respect for the environment and a sense of community, through the creation of the Kennett Greenway, which will be a 10-12 mile loop through Kennett.

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